Monday, August 4, 2014

Part Deux - Eventide in the Garden

Life doesn't get much better than lower temps and humidity in the South
while enjoying the company of a good friend.
Unless you're looking at flowers.

Flowers there were...
and looking we did.

I'm not sure why this color combination appeals to me so,
but I love this purple almost black grass in concert with
the various hues of greens and orange.

I'm a warm-color person, and that may be why these received
a bit more love than some other plantings.  ;-)

Aren't they just "in your face" stunning?

And the reds... oh, my!

I've got to try peppers and vinca next year.
They may be the *one* thing that survives on my hotter than Hades front porch
with both direct and reflected sun.

I stopped in my tracks for this huge Japanese Crepe Myrtle.
Look at that gorgeous bark!

Everything about the "Garden" is spectacular,
including the lawn and arbor walk leading to the *Orchid Center.*

Hard to believe it's surrounded by the skyline of Midtown Atlanta.

Someone forgot this onsie atop a hedge.
The bottle cork is a mystery...  ;-)  

And then there were the orchids.
Beautiful orchids.
Wall after wall of white Dendrobiums in the Fuqua Orchid Center.

And another area was filled with these beauties.

Why is it we *forget* about the beauty
in our own hometowns,
places so incredibly lovely they take your breath away?

I loved  rediscovering the Garden.
Remembering when life was maybe a little slower
and feeling again the peace of *eventide*...
I'm profoundly grateful for your visit and hope you will again soon.

In the meantime, thanks for stopping by...


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