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Hi.  I’m Courtney.  Daughter of this duo.  I’m an engineer.  I LOVE symmetry.  I like math, numbers, financial figures, penny pinching.  Not exactly home decor blog material, right?  I will readily admit my mom, Dianne, is the real beauty of this operation. I am her handy sidekick and budget cruncher with the added ability to sew.
(Recent Pillow Covers I have made)
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I’m Dianne, aka Mom, or “Gigi” to my grandchildren.  I’m a court reporter.  Or I was before taking early retirement a couple of years ago.  Now I get to nurture and explore the right side of my brain -- you know, the creative, exciting side.  I love this freedom to pursue whatever piques my interest.  And tons of things do.  But my home is, and always has been, my sanctuary, the place I am my best self.

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  1. Gigi to your grandchildren...love it. Saw you on the Sitsgirl Facebook page and thought I would give you some love.
    I will be back. Love the style of the blog and decorating is a huge hobby of mine.