On November 10, 2013, we opened an online shop on Etsy where we hope you will visit, browse awhile, and, hopefully, find something you have been wanting for your very own.  We're committed to making you feel welcome in our online "Home" and encourage suggestions and comments. The link above, as well as HERE, will take you to our shop.  We look forward to seeing you there...

This page is *under construction* with many more items
to list.  Please check back in a few days...

Antique French Enamel Pitchers
$119.00 each

Painted Upholstered French Twin Bed c.1900
with beautiful scalloped rails,
Antique Ceiling Tins, 8 each,
4' x 2', sold as a set only
Six (6) tins for $690.00

Fabulous 1950s Royal Quiet Deluxe Typewriter, Turquoise
Original case.  Great condition.  Caps Lock on left hand side stuck.
All keys, except the Caps Lock works!
~~~~~~~ SOLD ~~~~~~~

We've also sold at Scott Antique Market.  Check back to the blog to see when we're going to be there next.