Thursday, July 31, 2014

Eventide in the Garden

Late July is usually pretty miserable in the South but we have a reprieve this week.
 Darn near perfect weather for an evening stroll through some of the most amazing acreage in Atlanta, replete with living sculptures of real and mythical creatures.

The gardeners at Atlanta Botanical Garden worked for months on the "Plant Giants," a creation of International Mosaiculture of Montreal.  This marks the first time they're being shown in the United States.  Atlanta's "Garden" is always beautiful, but last night, with the near perfect conditions and these massive creations it took my breath away.

The Earth Goddess is 25 feet tall with long "flowing" locks and her hand extending over a pool of water.
My phone doesn't begin to capture the beauty of this piece but
she is, in a word, breathtaking!

I have no idea how tall this cobra is.
He was beautiful from all sides but, oh my, when I got around to the back
he was stunning!

There was a troll, goblin or something...

A huge dog...


And bunnies...

And butterflies...

And frogs...

It says a lot for this incredible workmanship that I even took these picutres,
because I am deathly afraid of frogs.
Long story... 

 Fish... jumping, flying... something...

 A pony...

And there were others that I couldn't photograph because the light was quickly fading toward night.
And so many flowers that I couldn't resist saving them for a separate post.

A little history or "backstory," if you will.
When I was growing up, we lived on a lake.
Every evening I would go down to the water's edge, lie back, and look at the sky.
This was my quiet time... my "at peace" time.
The dimming of the day.

I appreciate you sharing this special time with me through your visit,
and hope you will again soon.

In the meantime, thanks for stopping by...


  1. Eventide - I've never heard of it - but it is my second favorite time of the day, my first being the dawn. I love to sit on our back deck and watch the quail feed then make their way to the bushes & nests - we often have deer show up as well.
    Those gardens are amazing - I'd love to see them! I'm popping over from SITS and so glad to meet you - I'll be back!

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