Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Once Upon A Blog -- The Best of 2013

You know how it is, right, the excitement of a new venture, mind spinning with ideas,
then finding yourself wondering whether you're on the right track?
That's me...  personified.

August 2013 was when I got serious about blogging...
and I've come a long way only to realize I've barely scratched the surface.
Cold winter days are time for reflection...
So here you have it...
A visual and verbal journey of our most popular posts.

No. 10

My all-time favorite purchase.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Half Bath Renovation - Part Deux

I realize I’m often influenced by my surroundings.  My home, while a reflection of me, takes on differing personas as a direct result of those influences.  Ours is a symbiotic relationship — I create and nurture my home environment and it nurtures and encourages creativity in me.  Home provides the quiet space I need to allow ideas to form and roam free.