Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Armoire That Started It All

Back in the '70s my husband and I bought new bedroom furniture, Bishopsgate by Drexel.
I loved it then and I still love it now, although it looks quite a bit different.
But, then, things change, right?
My life, my profession, my home town, and my furnishings.

Fast forward to the late '90s when I decided that my bedroom needed updating.  I wanted something feminine and *coastal* ...  I was living in an old Victorian on Tybee Island, Georgia, that was over 100 years old.  It was once General Marshall's house, on the National Historic Register, with the ocean directly in front and the old parade ground and park behind.  I was renting it at the time, having recently sold my home.  I was an empty-nester and ready for change.

 It was then that I met an artist who would have a profound effect on me.  Her name is Christy Smith.  I was sharing office space in Savannah with an attorney who had seen Christy's work and together we decided to hire her to paint our offices.  I've mentioned Christy before HERE.

She faux painted our personal offices and we wanted a *wow* factor for our conference room.
We decided on a parchment-looking finish with metallic gold hand-painted bamboo.
Everyone who saw it was amazed.
And I absolutely L.O.V.E.D. it!

When the office was completed, I got her to help me refinish some of my bedroom furniture.
My headboard and my armoire were the pieces I wanted *lightened* and distressed.
I've described how to achieve this finish using stain blocker and Briwax in other posts HEREHERE, and HERE.

Because of the heavy-heavy distressing it needed a little something extra,
and the Briwax was wiped off the front *panels* and another coat of stain block painted on.
Around the *trim* a little color was added, gold acrylic, to set off and break up the large expanse of white.

That armoire is my all-time favorite piece of furniture.
And Christy is still amazing people in D.C., Hilton Head and Savannah.

Now it's time to update my bedroom again.
  I want to mount my headboard on the wall so it can be seen over the pillows I have on my bed... 13 at last count.
I'll be painting, adding trim and a half canopy with a French-inspired bed crown.
I hope to complete it within the next month or so.

Here is the *before*... 
And I'll show the *after* as soon as it's done.  Hopefully, the pictures will be better.
When this was taken blogging had never entered my mind.

So, have you ever had a single piece of furniture that you absolutely LOVE?
Something that personifies your vision and has withstood the test of time?
That you still cannot bear to part with even after decades of use?
That's how I feel about my armoire.

I hope you'll visit again soon...
In the meantime, thanks for stopping by...


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    1. Thanks, Kim. I so appreciate your visiting and taking time to comment. :-)

  2. husband and I also haved that same armoire....purchased in 1976. We have the bedroom and dining room in Bishopsgate. Great survived an EF3 tornado in May 2013.

    1. I'm so glad you shared we have the same furniture. I know it's incredibly heavy and mine has definitely weathered the years... but a tornado?... amazing!

  3. My mom is downsizing and is looking to sell this exact armoire, the matching triple dresser and carved canopy bed, all Drexel Bishopgate that are in immaculate condition in Chicago area. The stuff is pristine, smoke free house, dark bedroom so no fading, in case someone wants to try this with an entire SET.

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