Saturday, July 13, 2013

Monthly Inspiration - Scott's Antique Market

After leaving the DMCH Flea Market here Scott's Antique Market was next.  The second weekend of every month is one of my all-time favorite things. There are 3,300 vendors in two huge buildings with everything you can imagine for sale.  I fell in love with this vendor's booth.  Fell. In. Love.

The colors, the staging, the doors .. but mostly the doors.  And especially the one on the right because of the hand-doorknocker hardware.  I have been in love with these French doorknockers for decades.  And to see one still on the door.  And an incredibly beautiful door at that.  Mon dieu!

The door itself is stunning, with the most incredible patina you can imagine, and when you add the knocker, well, what can I say?  I.Am.In.Love.

The left hand door isn't bad either ... it just doesn't have my doorknocker.

If I owned a chateau, French farmhouse, or, let's face it, just a home here in Georgia with 12-foot plus ceilings, I would have bought these.  Seriously.  Not that I can afford them, but one day I will have doors like these.  Or maybe just one door.  So long as it's the one with the hand doorknocker.  Puis-je? S'il vous plait?

We wound up spending our entire time at the South Building this month.  Outside that building it's more of a flea market atmosphere where we spotted a booth with all sizes of frames made from vintage ceiling tins.  I have ceiling tins.  I love mirrors and want to frame mirrors with the tins, but I thought I'd back the whole thing with plywood, not just make a wood frame.

This is what I mean about inspiration.  I never know what will catch my eye and make my brain morph into hyperdrive.  Scott's is my healthy addiction.  It makes me Happy, Happy, Happy!

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  1. Dianne, so HAPPY to meet you! Thank you for coming to Family Brings Joy and leaving some blog love. This reminds me of Canton in TX. It's so much fun to look at all the vendors. You found some wonderful items! Looking forward to Haven! Have a beautiful day! :)