Thursday, August 1, 2013

Haven Conference, Estate Sales and GPSs in Metro Atlanta

I know some of you will be traveling to Atlanta today for the Haven Conference and will be depending on Google Maps and Navigator.  As someone who lives here and loves Estate Sales I finally get out and about in my neighborhood and the "burbs."

When I was working full-time-plus I remember telling friends and family that I would move to Atlanta but refused to commute.  Absolutely one of my best decisions ever! My first place in Decatur was within walking distance (although my daughter reminded me I didn't ever walk to the courthouse).  My present home is a two-mile drive through a neighborhood.  No main roads for me, and certainly no Interstates.

Now that I'm "retired" I'm traveling the roads more.  I'm going to antique stores, estate sales, yard sales, furniture, fabric, decorator stores and outlets.  I'm part-time faculty at Brown College which is less than a mile from Ballard's Designs on Defoor Avenue.  I know.  That is reason enough for me to stay at Brown, but I love teaching there, too.

I fought buying a Garmin GPS (a two-mile commute didn't justify such a luxury) and only within the last year upgraded to a smartphone.  Again, a luxury that wasn't justified, in my opinion.  How wrong can I be?  Let me count the ways. I loved the GPS, even though I swear the female guide would only stand for two route changes before I heard a distinct "Huff.. recalculating."  I think I undid her own internal GPS at one point and she retaliated by directing me into a lake.  Thank heavens I like to lead and don't always follow.

And I don't know how I managed to survive without my Samsung GS III.  And Google Maps, and Navigator.  I now have no fear of getting around Atlanta.  Except I do it on the "surface" streets.  That's anything other than an Interstate in "Atlantean."  But I did have to educate myself and believe me I learned the hard way.  I have been in some questionable areas late at night on a couple of occasions and pulled over to look at the old binder-style road map.  Until I learned that it's mandatory in and around Atlanta to use the directional references along with street names.  Like Peachtree Road, NE.  I learned that if you don't specify which direction you're going in you can wind up running into lakes, rivers, even a real granite mountain!

To all who travel the streets in and around Atlanta every day, this is preaching to the choir, I'm sure.  To my new Haven friends, be careful, drive safe, and I'll see you this afternoon!   :-)


  1. So nice to hang out with you last week! We enjoyed it and look forward to seeing more of what y'all are up to!

    1. It was wonderful spending time with you, as well. I was so inspired after Haven I couldn't wait to get started on my "good things." Alas, I've been so busy playing catch-up I haven't even written my wrap-up post. I'm heading over to 11magnolialane right now before something else crops up. Thanks so much for stopping by...

  2. Hi Dianne, So happy you were able to attend the Haven Conference! & enjoyed sponsoring the event and connecting with attendees such as yourself! Feel free to browse photos from the event on Facebook, tag yourself & share with family/friends! :)

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