Friday, June 14, 2013

Humble beginnings - Upholstery

I can’t believe it’s been so long since we've posted.   I had good intentions when I started, which included tutorials.  We even did “live” blogging – taking progress pictures while working on a project.   Bet you can guess where those pictures are.  Yep, along with 400-plus other pictures in my phone and 500-plus in my digital camera.  So here’s to a fresh start using that February “roadkill.”

    She may have been a beauty back in the day but ready for the curb now.


 Deconstructing was done outside.. Fabric, wood, cardboard, and lots of staples made a huge mess.

     Batting was cut for the top and sides.  

Courtney chose the pattern placement for the top, using a tape measure and chalk to lay out and cut a circle.  Definitely her skills in use here.

    Measured and cut side piece, matching the pattern to the top.

      Then more measuring..

Fabric strips were cut on the bias and folded over cording to make the welting.  Turning the fabric inside out Courtney inserted the welting between the top and side, right sides together, matched the pattern, pinned ...

... and I stitched through three layers.

Inside seams were trimmed and clipped, fabric turned right side out and fitted over the ottoman.  It made a sort of slipcover.  Excess fabric was adjusted before pinning the bottom welting into place.

   A closer look.. 

Measured from outside edge to the center for equal placement of the staples.  OCD anyone?  Tailors chalk made it easy to see the markings.  Courtney's always been fond of a Bob Vila quote, "Measure twice, cut once."  Definitely worth remembering..


Glued bottom welting into place, stapled the bottom fabric and trimmed.

Dritz cambric dust cover was used to "finish" the bottom ...

 ... cut into a rough circle, pinned, trimmed, and held in place by a bead of glue around the edge.

Voila!  Now to put the "feet" on.

Small levelers were perfect.

And it's a wrap!  All done!

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