Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hello, Part 1

Hi.  I’m Courtney.  Daughter of this duo.  I’m an engineer.  I LOVE symmetry.  I like math, numbers, financial figures, penny pinching.  Not exactly home decor blog material, right?  I will readily admit my mom, Dianne, is the real beauty of this operation. I am her handy sidekick and budget cruncher with the added ability to sew.
(Recent Pillow Covers I have made)

                Sewing is my home decorating super power.  I remember my mom sewing various pieces of clothing for me during my childhood.  She gave me a basic introduction to sewing when I was in High School.  Enough to operate the machine and sew a somewhat straight line.  It was enough for me to attempt an ill-fitting dress from some left over fabric.  I never wore the dress.  In college I made my first slipcover for my dorm room chair. The slipcover was made from some burgundy twin sheets.  It was a hot mess and needed constant tucking in.  It did, however, serve its purpose well and my dorm room was beautifully coordinated.  The burgundy twin sheet fabric looked much better in the room than the gold crushed velvet chair I inherited from my parents’ bedroom.  With my rudimentary sewing skills I sewed various other things through college and my twenties.  

        Shortly after my second son was born in 2008, I stumbled upon Fabrika, a small local fabric store in our hometown of Savannah, Georgia.  This awesome little fabric store was started by an alumna of SCAD, Savannah College of Art & Design. Stepping foot in there the first time I immediately fell in love.  The shop had cotton prints from Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Alexander Henry, and many other designers that I had only previously seen on the internet.  The then owner, Kendra, offered sewing classes.  I signed up, took the class, and I was hooked.  My sewing skills while better are still fairly rudimentary. But it gave me the confidence to try new things.  I found a new love for sewing.  It was a great stress reliever and creative outlet for me.  I would stay hunched over my sewing machine for hours during nap-time, and on the weekends.  The Christmas following the class, everyone got handmade purses. 
(Tote Bag I made in that first Sewing Class)

                I've continued sewing in bits and spurts since then.  I’ll sew feverishly making gifts and home décor items and then I won't touch my machine for months.  Then pick it back up again.  My favorite things to make are gifts for other people.  I like being given direction.  When left to my own devices I’m incapable of making a decision. I instead hoard fabric, lest I make the wrong thing from it!  I’m sure more on my fabric hoarding condition will surface later.  Until then thanks for stopping by.  Dianne (aka Mom) is next up.  So stay tuned.  Is there anything we can make for you?

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